Introducing Momu


Hi, my name is Momu. I started life as a Christmas Reindeer, on a stick of all things. I was asked to keep some people company in a local church yard (not to be rude, but they weren’t the best company). When the festive season was over, instead of being taken home somewhere cosy and warm, I was unceremoniously dumped in the bin.  Luckily for me I was spotted by one of two intrepid explorers who were out for a walk taking snaps of the pretty church one afternoon.  The boy picked me up and gave me a ride in his rucksack (I enjoyed that), all the way to the girl’s flat.  I had a small surgical procedure to remove the stick (I was very brave throughout) and since that day I have had a very cushy life lounging around with other assorted lads.


Sometimes I go to work with the girl (I have to say, it is quite boring, but usually there is a book in the bag with me to read.  I’m a slow reader, mainly because page turning is a major thing for me to undertake.  I have been known to spend weeks reading the front cover of a book because of this.)


My humans are nice to me and I am grateful that the boy spotted me.  I do have to say that they are not the brightest people at times.  My main gripe is the fact they named me Momu which is short for Mo the Moose (even the spelling of the shortened name is wrong), when clearly I am a reindeer.  I mean I even have a red nose and a Christmas jumper on!  Apart from that, they are just fine I think… Apart from the fact that the boy has no hair which is slightly odd.  This is something I am prepared to live with in return for lounging rights and adventures.


More soon.


Love Momu. x


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