Momu and the trouble reading can bring

Momu and the big book


Hi, it’s me again.  Hope this lovely Thursday finds you well.

I was sitting around last night with my friends – I will introduce you soon I promise – thinking about reading.  Now I am sure you can tell, I am a very intelligent lad and I am always keen to keep my fluff brain active by learning new things, or even to just relax with a ripping yarn.

If you remember I briefly touched upon the difficulties I have with books yesterday.  Now, I’ve asked one of my humans to take a quick picture of me trying to read – I think this will give you quite a good idea of how disproportionate my size is to the task in hand.  I mean, I’m tiny – just look!

So to counteract this problem I do enjoy sitting on one or other of my humans’ shoulder and peek at what they are reading.  Usually, if I sit on the boy’s shoulder, it is something photography related (I like the pictures, but I’ve got no chance of being able to use a camera – I mean I would have to stamp on the shutter release to make it work and that could cause camera shake, and I have learned this is a bad thing when it comes to photographs).  If I sit on the girl’s shoulder I could be reading anything – a magazine about crafts one day, a crime novel the next.  Quite often Harry Potter makes an appearance.  I like him.  I think I would have made a very good wizard, but sadly my Hogwarts letter never arrived.


More soon.


Love Momu. x




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