Mike and Momu


Hi, me again.  I wanted to introduce you to some of my friends, and thought I would ask who wanted to go first.  So without further ado let me hand you over to the lad that shouted the loudest, Mike!

Hi, my name is Mike.  I’m a monkey (duh!).

I’m another rescue lad.  The boy spotted me on his way home one day, and stopped his car to pick me up.  I spent the first part of my new life swinging from a string on the boy’s rear view mirror in his car.  This was very fun – especially going weeeeeeeee around the corners!  I reckon I must have hit a couple of G on occasion.  Must have – right?

Momu asked me a few weeks ago if I’d like a change of scene as we were dropping the girl off at work (I’m not entirely sure why she needs to do this – it sounds a bit tedious to be frank).  So for a few weeks I have been mooching with some lads at the girl’s flat in the evenings and keeping Momu company in the girl’s bag while she works.  This has been really fun because me and Momu like chatting about important lad issues such as the best way to mooch when we get home.

I have found that my arms have been causing a few problems.  Because I spent a long time hanging on the car mirror with my arms up above my head, they seem to have got used to being that way.  Now I am not hanging around in that way any more, I am trying to keep my arms down by my side but they do have a nasty habit of pinging out when I least expect it.  Sometimes I accidentally smack Momu in the face.  I don’t mean to, and he says he doesn’t mind, but I am really trying not to do it. It does mean I often have to sit on my hands to stop it happening.

I am looking forward to having some adventures and telling you all about them soon.

But for now,

This is Mike – Over and Out. x





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