Momu Meets…


Hi!  As the last “Momu Meets..” post was such a success (it was wasn’t it?), I thought I would do another one for you.  So from the youngest to the oldest (this seemed like the most logical way to do it) here goes:



Momu: Hi, what’s your name?  Do you have any nicknames?

Whitey: My name is Whitey.  I don’t have any nicknames as I’m a bit too old for all that malarky.  I do think that a name change might be needed soon as I am not as white as I used to be.  I appear to be going grey with old age.  The girl thinks this could just be muck, but I am too scared to go in the washing machine to test out this theory.

M: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Were you always a lad or have you been rescued?

W: I am the oldest lad, and I have always been with the girl ever since she was born and I was put in the cot with her.  That makes me 29 and a bit human years.  I’m not even attempting to work that out in lad terms.  I may look a bit mean and grumpy but I’m not really, well not most of the time anyway.

M: How old are you?

W: I just answered that – silly boy.

M: What’s your favourite way to spend an evening?

W: I’m fairly easy going, although I have to say anything quiet is preferable because of my advancing years.  I don’t particularly enjoy it when the younger ones get all boisterous and start jumping around.

M: Do you have any catchphrases or favourite sayings?

W: “Stop all that jumping around!”

M: Do you have a best lad friend?

W: No, not really.  I enjoy spending time with all the lads, as long as they are not jumping.


Whitey and Momu


Thanks Whitey!


More soon.

Love Momu. x


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