The Seaside

Momu 1


Hi, it’s me again.  I hope you are all well.

There have been rumours floating around here at Momu HQ (well, alright, the girl’s flat) that a trip to the seaside may be happening at the weekend.  This has made us very happy because we haven’t had an adventure for a very long time indeed.

Apparently the girl grew up by the seaside (but she wasn’t born there – this seems to be a very important fact to remember, although none of the lads can really work out why) and we have heard that she is going to be moving back there soon.  Now obviously we lads want to make sure that seaside life will suit us, so we are very excited about the upcoming trip.

Some of us think the life of a fisher bear or similar is a romantic one, and Monkey in particular is relishing the idea of wearing a smock and a waterproof hat.  We have spied a magazine all about the seaside, and it says “life is better by the sea” – we mean to find out if there is any truth in this statement.  We will report back once the trip has taken place and the lads and me have mulled things over for a while.

We think it will most probably be an amazing place to live, but only on the proviso that we don’t have to go swimming very often (far too wet) or spend too much time in the sand (it gets everywhere I’m told).


Beach Huts from the front


More soon.

Love Momu. x


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