Hi again, only me!

Whenever we can, me and the other lads like to walk by the river (I say walk, I obviously mean ride in a bag or similar mode of transportation – our tiny legs would take forever to get us anywhere).  This morning me and Mike saw some very new ducklings splashing around in the river and this made us and the girl very happy – it almost made up for the fact that it was a work day and the sun was out but we had to be in.

We like ducks because when they are small they are ever so cute and when they grow up they can be all sorts of colours.  So far I have counted about 19 new ducklings on my travels, although it could be more – I am not good with mundane things like maths.

The girl drew some ducks the other day.  I like them, although the girl thinks she needs to do some serious practising when it comes to doodling.  I think anything that comes from using pencils is great.  I can’t hold one because I am so small, but I do like to watch other people use them – it makes me smile.


Duck doodle
More soon,

Love Momu. x


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