Sneezes and Sniffles

Momu 1

Hi – ATISHOO!  Sorry about that, but I’ve been ever so snuffly and sniffly today.  I think there must be quite a lot of pollen around at the moment.  It’s making my nose all tickly.  Luckily my nose is already red, so all this sneezing is not an issue (tee hee – that rhymes with atishoo!  Ahem – sorry!).  The same cannot be said for the sneezy girl – her nose looks a bit red and sore.  Lots of people are sneezing today – it is quite odd because it is not even that sunny outside.  If it was then perhaps it would be worth it.

We are really looking forward to our seaside trip now – hopefully the salty sea air will have less pollen and therefore less sneezes in it.  We can only hope.  Even if it doesn’t, the seaside sounds much more fun than the city for the weekend.



More soon.

Love Momu. x

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