Adventuring on hold due to the Great British weather


Hello again everyone!

I know I may have got everyone a tiny bit excited about an upcoming adventure, but it has been put on hold for a while.  We were going to go to Woodside if you remember on Sunday but the weather changed from almost unbearably hot to almost unbearably windy and thunderstormy.

The lads and me have yet to get our fluffy brains around the weather in this country.  The boy tells us – in his best grumpy voice – that this is very usual, and that we only ever get a few days of proper sunny summery weather before the rain comes to spoil things.

So adventuring is postponed, but not abandoned all together luckily.  Hopefully we will go out and about very soon indeed.  Paws crossed.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu meets….Froome


Well hello there!  Still got sun where you are?  We have had thunderstorms here today.  But never mind all this talk of the weather – there are new lads to meet!  Say hello to Froome!


Momu: What’s your name?

Froome: I’m Froome Dog.  Apparently my real name is Tedmund Ted, according to my label.  But the lads have told me my name is Froome because I came to live with them on the same day that Chris Froome won The Tour de France.

M: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

F: I joined the lads last week from a shop in town.  I think I was chosen because I look a bit like a dog.  I’m pretty sure I’m a bear, but the boy thinks otherwise.  I’m just happy to be here.

M: How old are you?

F: I’m one of the new lads, just over a week old.

M: What’s your favourite way to spend an evening?

F: I like to watch sporty things with the lads.  I watched the last day of the Tour with Pig Wiggins and I have been watching people running, jumping and throwing things over the weekend on tv at The Anniversary Games.  It’s all very exciting.

M: Do you have a best lad friend?

F: I do like to hang out with Pig Wiggins as we have cycling in common.  He is a bit jealous of my flower though, but I say only the winner of the Tour de France can wear the Fleur Jaune.  Tee Hee Hee.

Hooray for new lads and introducing them to you!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu and the huge gigantic spider monster


Hello Momu readers,

We are all hiding a bit here because we found a monster in the flat last night, and we are still recovering.

The humans tell us it was a spider, but it was much bigger than me or Mike (or me and Mike put together) and it had eight legs. We reckon this makes it a monster, no matter what anyone else says.

The boy had to be ever so brave (the girl was next to useless and only managed to open a window and run away) and he managed to get the monster into a catching device and put it out of the flat window. We think the monster is OK and is probably making his way into someone else’s house now.  We hope it isn’t going into the house with the dog, because however much the monster scared us, we wouldn’t want him to be scoffed by a dog.

In any case we don’t want it to visit again any time soon, especially if the boy is not here because the girl is rubbish when it comes to big monsters.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Rumours of an Adventure

Momu 1

Hello again everyone!

It is still hot and ever so muggy here even though it rained a lot the other day.  The girl got soaked on her way to work on Tuesday – we were quite concerned that we were going to get soggy too, but we were alright in the end.  The girl had to take her shoes off to try and dry them out and spent most of the day in damp socks; she wasn’t best pleased…  We saw lightning and heard thunder in the evening, and once we knew what it was and that it probably wasn’t going to hurt us, we were ever so excited to watch.

Rumble, flash, bang!

Rumours of another adventure have been floating around here at Momu HQ.  This adventure could involve animals and birds as it is a trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  This is one of the girl’s favourite places and she wants to go one last time before we all move to the seaside.  She says she is going to miss places like that when we go.  We are ever so excited to visit.

Adventure report to follow.  Exciting times ahead!


More Soon,

Love Momu. x


It’s a boy!

Hi Momu fans,

So apparently everyone has been waiting and waiting to hear whether the Royal Baby is a boy or a girl. We are very pleased that it is a boy – we think it is so much better to be a boy than a girl (just ask Freddy).

Ratty at the Palace

Ratty says he was only just at Buckingham Palace, if only he had waited a little bit longer – he could have been the one to read the news first. That would have been quite something. (We didn’t like to point out that Ratty went to the Olympics and that it was almost a year ago. He doesn’t have a good grasp of time. We think it is because he watches so much television.)

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Where has the sun gone?

Cross Freddy

Hi Momu readers, Freddy here.

Where has the sun gone?!

Observant readers will notice my very cute face is grumpy today.  This is because after a week of scorching sunny weather, the two days we all have together are grey, cloudy and very breezy.  This has made me cross.  And to make things ever so slightly worse, the weather human on the television has said that it is going to be sunny and hot again tomorrow.  Not really very fair is it chums?


Love Freddy (sitting in bed hoping in vain for the sun to pop out). x


Momu Meets…..Monkey

Hello everyone!  It has gone a little bit cooler here for the weekend (this means the boy is moaning again, but everyone else is secretly relieved for a little bit of rest from the sunshine).

I thought it was time for you to meet another of the lads – here is Monkey!


Momu: What’s your name?

Monkey:  Hi, my name is Monkey.  It is not the most imaginative of names, but it does describe me pretty well.

Momu: Can you tell us a bit about yourself – were you rescued or have you always been a lad?

Monkey: I came from a posh shop up the hill in Lincoln.  I have heard people grumble because apparently I cost a lot of money.  This has made me quite shy and a little bit quiet.  The girl loves me and never grumbles because I am so soft, so that makes me feel better about myself.

Momu: How old are you?

Monkey: I must be quite an old lad now, I was bought from the shop before the girl knew the boy.  I would guess that I am about 7 or 8 human years old.

Momu: What is your favourite way to spend an evening?

Monkey: I’m quite a thoughtful and philosophical lad really – I like to ponder things, so I enjoy quieter evenings.  I also enjoy sitting in the sun (as long as it is not too hot) with Freddy because he tends to be quieter in the sun while he is all sparkly.

Momu: Do you have any favourite sayings or catchphrases?

Monkey: “Shush – I’m thinking…”

Momu: Do you have a best lad friend?

Monkey: Anyone who is quiet or who I can have a good pondering conversation with.  The older lads tend to have good stories to tell which interests me.  I like learning about things, and then thinking about what I have just learnt.

Momu and Monkey

So there you go folks – another lad for you to get to know.  It’s all quite exciting really isn’t it?

More Soon,

Love Momu. x


Vive le Tour!

Hey guys – still enjoying the sunshine, or is it making you all flustered and sticky?  Freddy has barely moved since yesterday.

I thought instead of doing a Momu Meets thingummyjig about this chap, I would show you Pig Wiggins in a different way.

Pig Wiggins

Pig Wiggins has been living at the girl’s flat for almost exactly a year.  He was bought to celebrate the fact that Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France last year (this is a peculiar event where lots of boys get on bikes and ride up and down mountains for three weeks.  Lots of people go along to watch and scream at them.  Some don’t wear anything but their pants and another dresses up like the Devil and jumps around).

Pig Wiggins likes to watch the highlights of the Tour on the television every evening when the girl gets home from work (the boy watches the whole thing live and tries very hard not to give anything away).  He has been sitting here on the sofa all comfy and chilled for the best part of three weeks now.

Pig Wiggins says one day he would like to ride in the Tour.  We think he may have a tummy that is too fat and legs that are too short for all that malarky.  He says failing riding the Tour, he would really like to see it go past one day instead.

Roll on Yorkshire for the start of next year’s race we reckon!


More soon,

Love Momu. x


Huff, Puff – it is HOT!

Hello everyone!  Sorry there has been no word from us for a little while, but we have been trying to do as little as possible because it is so hot here.

Freddy says he likes the sun, but this is verging on too much even for him.

He says all he can do is this:

Freddy 1

With occasional breaks for this:

Freddy 2


More soon (ish – depending on the heat levels…)

Love Momu. x


Momu Meets…Freddy

Hi everyone!  It’s been very warm here this week, so it seemed only fair to introduce one of the lads that enjoys the sun the most – Freddy.


Momu: What’s your name?

Freddy: Hi everyone, I’m Freddy.  At first everyone thought I was a girl because my label says Myrtle, but we have decided that must have been a mistake and I am most definitely a boy.

M: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Were you always a lad or have you been rescued?

F: I can’t really remember exactly where I came from – it was probably from a cat based charity shop in the city (the humans seem to gravitate towards these over any others).  I was probably sitting in the window looking impossibly cute and that’s why they stopped to collect me.

M: How old are you?

F:  I don’t know things like that!  I have been here long enough to feel like this is my home and also long enough to get amazing bed fur from all the mooching and lounging that goes on around here.

M: What is your favourite way to spend an evening?

F: I like evenings because they usually mean snuggling up with the girl and reading or snoozing.  I like the daytime too if the sun is shining because when I sit in it I go all cute and sparkly – I think it is magical and it makes me happy.  When the sun is not out or when I have to get out of bed I get a bit grumpy and I get a frown on my face – this seems to make the humans laugh, which bemuses me.

M: Do you have any favourite sayings or catchphrases?

F: “Where’s the sun gone?”

M: Do you have a best lad friend?

F: It depends what I am up to really.  I like sitting in the sun with Monkey, watching TV with LB because we look a little bit alike and snoozing with Snowy.  All in all I’m quite a sociable bear.  Except when I am cross and then I am better off on my own until my cute bear face is less screwed up (this doesn’t usually take too long – I’m quite easy going really).

Momu and Freddy1So there you go – a post all about Freddy.  We are set for another hot weekend, so Freddy should be quite content for a few days yet.


More soon,

Love Momu. x