Adventuring at the Seaside!

Hello everyone!

We have all had a lovely time by the seaside enjoying the sunshine and salty air at the weekend.  We hope you have all had lovely weekends too, whatever you were doing.

We got to have a long ride in the car to begin with, which can be quite fun if you’re with friends and have provisions with you.  Disaster nearly struck on the first night we were there because the humans got chatting and very nearly missed out on getting chips for tea.  That would almost certainly have made the boy very grumpy for the remainder of the weekend.  Luckily disaster was averted and we scoffed salty, vinegary chips on the quay as the sun started to go down.

Then we went to the beach, which is very pretty but far too sandy in our opinions.  Sand has a tricky temperament and likes to get everywhere.  The girl found it in the turn ups of her jeans and the boy said if he had had hair, it almost certainly would have got in there too.  Us lads don’t get on well with sand because it could easily get in our fur and then we might need a wash – this is to be discouraged at all times.

We ate ice cream on Saturday – stripy ice cream at that!  Mango and vanilla for the girl with a flake in it and a big strawberry and vanilla one for the boy, who definitely said he did not want a flake, only to be miffed when he saw that the girl had one.  He is strange like that sometimes.

We spent some time looking at families catching crabs from the sea, putting them in buckets, screaming if one tried to escape and then tipping them all back into the water once they were finished.  To be honest we couldn’t really see what the point of this was – but then again we couldn’t really get close enough to have a proper look for fear of falling over the edge into the sea.

We really enjoyed the seaside – although not the smell that seemed to be coming from a crate of fish left on the quay – the boy was nearly a little bit sick in his mouth when he spotted it.  All in all it was very relaxing being able to find a quiet spot and listen to the sea or watch the boats go by.  Me and Mike found it quite easy to find a quiet spot because we are both so small.

This is an adventure that can be enjoyed by any lad regardless of age or fitness levels as there are so many different things you can do.  We give it 4 and a half lad points out of 5.


More soon.

Love Momu. x

(PS – Two new lads jumped into our bag as we were getting ready to come home again before the girl noticed.  We will introduce you to Terry and Monty in due course…)


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