A day at the Airshow

Well hello there again Momu fans!

I’m back!  I hope you didn’t miss me too much.  I have a little mini adventure to share with you again – how exciting is that?

Yesterday, Mike, Ratty, Stuart and me all went to the airshow that happens every year just down the road from the girl’s flat.  It was a very hot day, the girl actually changed colour and is now an amusing shade of pink – we have been told this is called sunburn.  We think this was an accident because we’re sure no one would actually want to look like that.  Anyway, sunburn aside, we really enjoyed ourselves (obviously sunburn isn’t something us lads have to worry about, we just go toasty warm and happy when the sun comes out).

We saw lots of planes buzzing around in the sky, and while we didn’t really know exactly what we were looking at, it was still nice to watch – especially because the sky was all blue and hazy.  A proper summery day at last (this made the boy super happy)!  Freddy would have loved it – he really likes the sun because he tends to go all sparkly when he sits in it.  He thinks this makes him magic.  We are not too sure…

Our favourite planes were the Red Arrows – Zoom!  Whoosh!  We think they look ever such fun to fly.  We would like to have a go in one – do you think that is ever likely to happen?  Perhaps not – but I already have a red jumper and a red nose, so I think I would fit in very easily!

Roger that!  Tee Hee!

Red Arrows1


Red Arrows2

More soon.

Love Momu. x


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