The Arrival of New Lads

Hello everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.  You will be pleased to know that the girl has changed back to a much more normal colour now.  Phew!

It is always an exciting day when new lads turn up at the girl or the boy’s house.  We love to meet new friends, so whenever a new lad (or two as happened the other weekend when we came home from the seaside) join us we are ever so happy.

One day we think we will need more room, and we will have to persuade the boy in particular to move to bigger living quarters.  For now we are reasonably happy as we are.  This is us at the girl’s flat – can you spot me?

New lads - Girls place2

Terry and Monty, the two newest lads, are on the top near Klaus the camel.  They say that Sam is quite heavy, which is why they appear to be tipping that way a little bit.  The smaller lads mainly go down the centre of the pillows – they say this is very snuggly.  Freddy and Snowy like to sprawl out a bit so they have the whole of that side of the bed to themselves (unless the boy is visiting, then they have to lump in with the rest of us.  This can make Freddy grumpy).  Freddy is trying to teach himself to read – he likes Harry Potter, but he is a very slow reader.

We like to visit the boy’s house – but it is very bonkers there.  When we all go over it seems to be a huge free for all as to where you can mooch, we have to fight for spaces sometimes – but it is all quite fun.

Lads - boys place1

Steve usually tries to organise the lads a bit and there are lots of different areas to mooch in – Steve says he has drawn a picture so we can know all the areas for next time we go over.

Boys place plan

To be honest, we are not all that sure what this means so might not be any better prepared than we are now.  We are grateful for the effort though and we will try to learn a bit.

Another thing that happens is that spots on the sofa in the front room or specific places at the boy’s house can be booked if there is a good film or some sport on the television.  These spaces can be limited and you sometimes have to write to a human to be sure of a space.  Ratty usually puts his requests in before anyone else has a chance to – he watches anything, and we mean anything.  We think it is kind of funny.

Ratty Request


More soon.

Love Momu. x

(P.S: You may have noticed that the plan included something called the Operation Centre.  This is to do with a major threat at the boy’s house – there is too much to go into here, we will come back and explain it all soon.  Don’t worry – everyone is fine.)


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