Momu Meets…Freddy

Hi everyone!  It’s been very warm here this week, so it seemed only fair to introduce one of the lads that enjoys the sun the most – Freddy.


Momu: What’s your name?

Freddy: Hi everyone, I’m Freddy.  At first everyone thought I was a girl because my label says Myrtle, but we have decided that must have been a mistake and I am most definitely a boy.

M: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Were you always a lad or have you been rescued?

F: I can’t really remember exactly where I came from – it was probably from a cat based charity shop in the city (the humans seem to gravitate towards these over any others).  I was probably sitting in the window looking impossibly cute and that’s why they stopped to collect me.

M: How old are you?

F:  I don’t know things like that!  I have been here long enough to feel like this is my home and also long enough to get amazing bed fur from all the mooching and lounging that goes on around here.

M: What is your favourite way to spend an evening?

F: I like evenings because they usually mean snuggling up with the girl and reading or snoozing.  I like the daytime too if the sun is shining because when I sit in it I go all cute and sparkly – I think it is magical and it makes me happy.  When the sun is not out or when I have to get out of bed I get a bit grumpy and I get a frown on my face – this seems to make the humans laugh, which bemuses me.

M: Do you have any favourite sayings or catchphrases?

F: “Where’s the sun gone?”

M: Do you have a best lad friend?

F: It depends what I am up to really.  I like sitting in the sun with Monkey, watching TV with LB because we look a little bit alike and snoozing with Snowy.  All in all I’m quite a sociable bear.  Except when I am cross and then I am better off on my own until my cute bear face is less screwed up (this doesn’t usually take too long – I’m quite easy going really).

Momu and Freddy1So there you go – a post all about Freddy.  We are set for another hot weekend, so Freddy should be quite content for a few days yet.


More soon,

Love Momu. x

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