Rumours of an Adventure

Momu 1

Hello again everyone!

It is still hot and ever so muggy here even though it rained a lot the other day.  The girl got soaked on her way to work on Tuesday – we were quite concerned that we were going to get soggy too, but we were alright in the end.  The girl had to take her shoes off to try and dry them out and spent most of the day in damp socks; she wasn’t best pleased…  We saw lightning and heard thunder in the evening, and once we knew what it was and that it probably wasn’t going to hurt us, we were ever so excited to watch.

Rumble, flash, bang!

Rumours of another adventure have been floating around here at Momu HQ.  This adventure could involve animals and birds as it is a trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  This is one of the girl’s favourite places and she wants to go one last time before we all move to the seaside.  She says she is going to miss places like that when we go.  We are ever so excited to visit.

Adventure report to follow.  Exciting times ahead!


More Soon,

Love Momu. x


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