Momu and the huge gigantic spider monster


Hello Momu readers,

We are all hiding a bit here because we found a monster in the flat last night, and we are still recovering.

The humans tell us it was a spider, but it was much bigger than me or Mike (or me and Mike put together) and it had eight legs. We reckon this makes it a monster, no matter what anyone else says.

The boy had to be ever so brave (the girl was next to useless and only managed to open a window and run away) and he managed to get the monster into a catching device and put it out of the flat window. We think the monster is OK and is probably making his way into someone else’s house now.  We hope it isn’t going into the house with the dog, because however much the monster scared us, we wouldn’t want him to be scoffed by a dog.

In any case we don’t want it to visit again any time soon, especially if the boy is not here because the girl is rubbish when it comes to big monsters.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


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