A damp squib


Hi everyone!

At the weekend we went on an accidental adventure – I say adventure, it wasn’t really as you will see.

We (Mike, Bluey and me) all got into the girl’s bag yesterday as a bit of a joke, and ended up going all the way to a completely different county for the day.  It was the boy’s fault for egging us on to get in the bag in the first place, we weren’t going to get in at first.

We had a long car journey which ended up at the Boy’s family’s house.  When we got there we were told that we would be able to explore the garden, and that we might even spy some foxes out there.  We were a little bit scared about that idea – we have heard that foxes are quite big compared to us, because we are really quite small.  We were a bit secretly relieved when it started to rain and we had to stay inside for fear of sogginess.

We spent the whole day in the bag because of the rain (and we didn’t even get our photo taken to prove to the other lads that we had been away – they thought we were just hiding under the bed and being silly) and we sort of wish that we had stayed at home with the other lads because we did get a tiny bit bored – don’t tell anyone.

Hopefully we will get to have a proper adventuring day out again very soon.

Paws crossed again.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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