Introducing Ratty and Stuart



Hi Momu fans!

I wanted to introduce you to Ratty and Stuart today but they were far too busy to bother with my little interview so I am just going to write a little bit about them instead – rude lads really!


This is Ratty


And this is Stuart

Ratty and Stuart both came from beside the sea.  Stuart was from a shop and was bought because it was the girl’s birthday and Ratty was rescued by the boy from certain charity shop doom.  He was really rather grateful.

Ratty and Stuart have become best friends because they both love to watch TV – a lot of TV.  This means they are living with the boy at the moment – he also likes to watch a lot of TV.  It is quieter at the girl’s place because the TV doesn’t seem to go on as much.  Ratty and Stuart like it at the boy’s because  the TV there is almost the biggest thing you have probably ever seen ever.  I think it is a bit scary, but I suppose you would get used to it after watching it for a while.

Ratty and Stuart will watch anything – even rubbish films with someone called Nick Cage in them – they are never as happy as when they are snuggled up on the sofa, or in bed if they are at the boy’s house, watching something.  Ratty reckons he has honed his eyes to take in as much TV as possible.  I’m not really sure that’s true, but there is no denying he does have massive eyes.  I think they should be squarer than they are with all the TV watching, but I could be wrong.  Stuart on the other hand has small eyes, but he will tell you he has a round brown nose.

We like Ratty and Stuart very much – and enjoy talking to them when we get a chance (this isn’t very often because of the TV).  They are very high up in the Anti-Boar Defence League too.  We will tell you all about that one day.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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