Adventuring at last!


Well hello there everyone!  I hope this slightly chilly August day finds you well.

We have finally made it on an adventure!  We have spent the day at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  It’s all very exciting.

We saw some birds flying in a display – the peregrine falcoln was super quick and we all hid a bit in the human’s bags in case the birds mistook us for a tasty meal and took us off for eating.

The humans held wiggly snakes and chilled out bearded lizards; and they were even brave enough to stroke the hairy leg of a tarantula called Sharon.  (We don’t think she was as big as the spider monster from the flat, but she was big.)

The warm tropical house had butterflies and birds flying around, and if you were lucky you could spot a sloth.  He was even lazier than some of the lads!

Piggies went racing three times – they were our favourites, the girl likes to scratch behind their ears and they seem to like it too.  We think she would probably like to spend all of her day with them really.

There was an amazing animal show and we saw a lot of pretty animals doing cool things.  Some rats ran across a rope over everyone’s heads!

The girl held a barn owl, a girl barn owl.  You can tell because she has a spotty tummy (the owl, not the girl).  We like to learn things about animals like that.

There are white wolves there now too.  We hid from them as well because they were having whole chickens for their lunches, and we are sure that we would have gone down in one swallow if they had chosen to nibble at us.

The last thing we saw were the ringed tailed lemurs.  They danced around picking up hidden fruit and scoffing it.  They always look like happy animals.  We like them.

Yippee for adventuring and for spotting amazing animals!

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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