Hi everyone!

It’s a bit messy here at the moment because the girl is moving in a couple of days; lots of things are in boxes and also in a mess on the floor.  The girl says this is normal, we are not overly sure about that.

I thought I would tell you a little bit about another lad today – Bluey!  Bluey has taken refuge at the boy’s house for a bit to get away from the chaos at the flat.


Bluey is called Bluey because he is blue (we don’t like to assume that you understand the lads’ names even if they are pretty obvious).

He came from beside the sea in the same rescue mission that saved Ratty.  He is very small like me and Mike.  In fact he used to go to work with the girl before me and Mike took over.  He said he had to stop after a while because it was so boring (we are secretly really pleased that we don’t have to go back either – it was dull).

Bluey had a bit of a scare earlier this year because his arm got loose and nearly came off.  He was a very brave lad and had an emergency operation to secure it again.  He is as good as new now, and has a posh new ribbon for not being scared.

Bluey says he likes a quiet life in general, and likes to spend time with Whitey because they are both named after colours.  He is sometimes called upon to help with the boar effort though; he says he doesn’t mind so much because he is small and can attack fast.

Ratty tells me that the Anti – Boar Defense League have been really busy lately because they have been hearing very loud boar noises at night times.  They also think that the boar may have recruited drones because they sometimes have attacks from the air too.  The girl is crocheting a net for the boar effort so the lads can try and trap it once and for all.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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