The Boar Defense League

Momu 1

Hi everyone!

As promised, I managed to pin Steve down and get some information about the Boar Defense League for you to look at.  Here goes:

Momu: Why was the Boar Defense League set up?

Steve: To counter Boar attacks (dur!). [I think the lads at the boy’s house had been hearing some snorts and snuffles during the night and assumed there was a boar or boars around the place – Momu]

M: What are the logistics of the Boar Defense League?

S: All the lads are on duty throughout the night.  The control centre gathers data and passes it to all posts.  Three nets are set up on the front of the bed to slow the boar down and there are some hankies (kindly donated by the boy for the boar effort) in front of the forward position lads.  There is a chemical lava lamp and anti-boar turbine fan also in the room.

M: Who does what?

S: All the lads muck in and perform duties, but Ratty and Stuart look after the nets.  Sebastapol is in overall charge and Conran is second in command and controls the front line.  Small “fast attack” lads are used for quick responses and larger lads are used more for muscle.

M: Have you got any alert systems or signals in place?

S: We have states of alert in place; Green means all clear (we have not had this status for some time).  Yellow means on guard but under control.  Amber means high alert, all systems in operation.  Red means imminent attack, this is the highest possible state of readiness.

M: Have there been any injuries?

S: Two attacks on the lads have been likely caused by the Boar according to our Intel.  Burt has had his leg damaged and needed minor surgery to make sure it was on again properly and Sebastapol’s head nearly came completely off and had to be sewn back on.  He got a medal for bravery for this incident.

So there you go – a little bit more information for you about what the lads get up to.  And you thought it was all just lazing around on the bed…

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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