Hi Momu fans!

We have heard that it is nearly Halloween, and that the humans are planning a party.  We might join in, but it really depends on how scary it all turns out to be.  We are all for being spooked a bit a long as it is fun, but we don’t like too much spooking – we are only little after all.


Apparently these will have faces carved into them and lights put inside to make them glow – we are a little bit concerned about this as it seems too scary already (and that’s without all the costumes that have been talked about by the humans).  We might have to rethink this whole idea and stay safe in bed after all…

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Eli is concerned

Momu Small

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message from me today, we are busy mooching don’t you know.

We have heard from Eli that he is concerned about things at the boy’s house.  He accidentally watched a TV programme called Eastenders, and now thinks he might be hooked on it.  He has even asked to watch it when he comes over to visit next week.  We don’t know if this is a good thing – whenever we have seen bits of Eastenders, it always seems so gloomy and shouty.  We don’t know if this is good for a young elephant.  On the other hand, if he likes it and doesn’t get to be all angry and shouty himself, then where is the harm?

What do you think Momu fans?


More soon,

Love Momu. x


Adventures at the Auction

Hi Momu readers!

Me and Mike went on an adventure with the girl this morning.  Here we are getting ready to go:

Ready to go1

And here we are all snuggled up in the girl’s bag – just like we used to when she was at work:

Ready to go2

We got taken to an auction where people bid for all sorts of things.  The auction place was very crowded and noisy so we didn’t venture out of the bag at all in case we were sold to the highest bidder.  We know all about auctions as the boy watches quite a lot of programmes about them on the television.  They are quite fun – some of the stuff people pay money for is funny!

The girl wanted to try and buy some old cameras, but it all got a bit confusing and her dad ended up buying the wrong box – and to make matters worse all the stuff in it was rubbish and didn’t work (and we don’t know how to sort it out), so it is all going on to somewhere called Ebay to see if someone else can fix it all up and make use of it.

There was one bit of good news though, we managed to get these after all the sales had been sorted out from someone who did win the boxes of cameras:


Good Huh?

Me and Mike are going for a little snooze now, the adventuring has rather taken it out of us…

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Jumbah is excited

Momu 1

Hello everyone!  We are still hiding a little bit from the weather outside which is still a bit grey and rainy.  It is getting windy soon, we might ask the girl to shut the window in case Eric and Bruce get wet on the windowsill again.

Jumbah is getting quite excited again because it is Monday and that means he can watch University Challenge later on in the evening.


He reckons with his (obvious) win last week he will make his total of wins up to 12 tonight.  Especially as Alan says he will join in too – it will give Jumbah some moral support.  Jumbah does not think that Alan will win as he still doesn’t seem to know much English.  He is very enthusiastic though, which is something.

Alan and Jumbah

Fingers crossed for them both.  They are already waiting patiently – I did tell them they have quite a wait, but they won’t listen…

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Hi Momu Fans!

Momu Small

Me and the lads were talking today about what we like to do the most.  We all thought that mooching – that is snuggling, lazing, chatting and thinking all together – is very underrated as an activity.  We love it – we do it most of the time, and we are all as happy as can be.

Lads1 small

This is us at the girl’s new house doing some mooching – we think that we all look very happy here.  Please excuse the funny bed covers, the girl has gone a little bit bonkers and thinks this is a nice duvet set…

Lads2 small

But apart from that minor detail, life couldn’t get much better than this for us.

We were also thinking that if humans spent a little bit more time mooching around and not being so stressy about everything all the time, then they might well be a lot happier too.

But then again, what do we know – we just have fluff for brains…

More soon,

Love Momu. x

(P.S – told you we lived in a jungle room.)