Hi Momu Fans!

Momu Small

Me and the lads were talking today about what we like to do the most.  We all thought that mooching – that is snuggling, lazing, chatting and thinking all together – is very underrated as an activity.  We love it – we do it most of the time, and we are all as happy as can be.

Lads1 small

This is us at the girl’s new house doing some mooching – we think that we all look very happy here.  Please excuse the funny bed covers, the girl has gone a little bit bonkers and thinks this is a nice duvet set…

Lads2 small

But apart from that minor detail, life couldn’t get much better than this for us.

We were also thinking that if humans spent a little bit more time mooching around and not being so stressy about everything all the time, then they might well be a lot happier too.

But then again, what do we know – we just have fluff for brains…

More soon,

Love Momu. x

(P.S – told you we lived in a jungle room.)

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