Well hello again Momu fans!

We have had such a busy time lately and we are ever so excited to tell you all about it and show you our pictures from London.


We started off at the Natural History Museum, where we saw lots of cool animals – shame they weren’t real really.


Here is Bluey in front of a huge Blue Whale – we were sort of glad this one wasn’t alive…


Mike found a friend!


I got a picture with this otter – he looked a bit mean.

Then we went to the V & A – the boy wasn’t too impressed with this one (too artsy farsty…)


Here is Spike with someone or other…


Bluey with someone’s head…


And me on an art installation outside in the courtyard.

We also saw some of the Science Museum which had lots of cool things in it.


Here is Mike next to a diorama – it had a rocket in it.

9Spike liked it here too.

Then we got to see the Christmassy lights and things in Trafalgar Square


Mike was very excited to be here.

We had to spend all of yesterday and most of today recovering from all the adventuring we had been doing on our travels, but we are rested up now so it is all back to normal – just Christmas to look forward to soon – YIPPEE!!!

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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