Tiny Tim


Hello Momu readers!

How are you all – we have missed writing things on this blog, but it has been a busy time for us.  The humans have had Christmas and New Year and it was all hectic.  Then it kept raining and raining, so the boy got very grumpy indeed because he couldn’t go out as much as he would have liked to.  We don’t really know what he was moaning about – bed is so nice at this time of the year anyway, he could have just stayed there for a bit instead of trying to get out in the cold and rain.

We were very excited about Christmas this year when we saw that a new lad had arrived – do you remember me telling you about Tiny Tim?

wpid-IMG_20131225_144908.jpgHe seems to be settling in very well, but he is very quiet.  I think that he might be taking everything in slowly – and there is a lot to take in when you are introduced to so many lads and humans at one time.  Tiny Tim says he is ever so excited to be a tiny lad, because that means that he will get to go on adventures much more easily that the bigger lads.  That means that there will be up to 5 lads going out this year on adventures – me (of course), Mike, Spike, Bluey and now Tiny Tim.  This is very good news.  It also means that there will be even more to talk about together when we are in the girl’s bag travelling to and from the adventures (this part of the day can seem quite long sometimes, so it will be nice to have an extra lad to talk to).

Keep your finger or paws crossed that the weather will cheer up soon for the adventuring to start properly again.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


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