Travis and his Hat – Update


Hello everyone!

It has been grey and dreary here lately – Travis says his hat has come at just the right time.


He says it is very warm, and when he wears the flaps down like this it keeps his ears nice and toasty.  He also says it has the added bonus of shutting out some of the lad noise that goes on around here when there are lots of us together that Travis says he does not need to hear all the time.  He reckons he is super sorted for the next mystery that needs solving.

The only slight problem was that Jumbah had got used to wearing a hat while he was looking after Travis’ new one for him, so he got a little bit upset when he had to hand it over.  This made the boy and girl feel sorry for him, so they sorted out a very snazzy number for his very own.


Cool huh?  He says he may have to temporarily take it off later in order to hear the questions on University Challenge properly to ensure his winning streak continues.  He says he might let the girl win to say thanks for the hat, but he isn’t quite sure if he can bring himself to do that yet.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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