Couldn’t quite do it…


Hello Earth People, it is Jumbah here.

I just wanted to say that I couldn’t quite let the girl win at University Challenge last week (I pretended to draw with her that week) and I definitely couldn’t do it this week as she was bad bad bad.  She thinks that she didn’t understand hardly any of the questions so I couldn’t bring myself down to her level, despite the new hat she gave me.  I know this makes me sound mean, but I like to know that I still know things and I am not going all daft like humans.  I think that everyone still likes me even though I am a bit cleverer than them all.

The boy says I look a bit thuggish in this hat because it goes down over my eyes sometimes and then my eyes look all squinty.  I am just pleased that it is keeping me snug and warm while I am cozied up in bed with the other lads (the boy needs to remember I have even less hair than him on my head, so he should be more sympathetic really).

We have been looking out of the window today, and we are expecting some more of this;


So we are off to prepare for a mammoth session of snoozing and snuggling.

See you soon,

Love Jumbah. x

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