Jumbah and the Girl


Hello Momu Fans!

Jumbah and the girl have asked me to write a little bit about their adventures with University Challenge on Monday.  Jumbah has been feeling that he might be being a little bit smug because he is cleverer than your average lad (and certainly more so than a human).  He says that he doesn’t mean to be rude or anything.

Jumbah and the girl settled down on Monday to watch University Challenge as normal (it is getting tricky now as the final is getting nearer – the questions are HARD), and they really enjoyed themselves.  They both got into double figures with the right answers – in fact they got exactly the same score.  Normally Jumbah would have been cross about this, but he has decided that as the girl looks after him so well (makes him hats and things and gives him a warm place to stay) he will just be pleased that they can have fun together like this.  They have been very happy for the past few days.


This is Jumbah and his happy face – he says you might not be able to see it is his happy face because it is tricky to see his face with his hat on.  He promises that he is smiling and happy here.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

PS, we are very much hoping to get out on an adventure soon – we are waiting for all this rain to stop – it will stop won’t it?!

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