Momu the helper


Hello Momu fans!

We have been busy here at the girl’s house lately – well the girl has been busy, not us so much in fact.  The house has been full of something called Bed and Breakfast guests, which means the girl has to get up early.  This makes her very sleepy and ever so slightly grumpy… Never mind, we think tomorrow is the last day for a while, so we can all have a big sleep on Sunday morning – yippee!

The other thing that I have been helping with is a prize draw for the humans’ business.  She sells pretty photographs and was happy that some people liked her on something called Facebook, and decided to hold a giveaway of one of the photos.


Here are the names ready to be put into the pot for me to draw the winner.


Here is me getting ready to be ever so helpful.


Yippee – we have a winner!

I like helping if it is something fun like this.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

PS: You can visit the humans’ facebook thing here if you would like to.

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