A Good Day to be a Lad


Hello everyone!

Yippee for Wednesdays – especially when they are as exciting as this one has been!

I hope you have been enjoying some sun recently.  Freddy has been grumpy lately because he has heard from the other lads at the boy’s house that Toby has been enjoying sunshine for a lot of days in a row lately, and here at the girl’s house there has been limited sun.  Boo.

Today was a different story, look:

Monkey and Freddy

Freddy says that you probably can’t see in the photo, but he is all sparkly and ever so happy.  Monkey says he is happy in this photograph too, even though he looks like he might be a bit worried.

In other exciting lad news – there is a new addition!  A new addition day is always a good day!

Here is Marty;

Marty 2

Marty from the front

Marty 1

Marty from the side (he liked having his photo taken by all accounts)

Now, the lads at the girl’s house do not have an awful lot of information about Marty at the moment.  The boy found him and rescued him while he was out for a ride on his bike earlier.  Marty says he is going to be a car lad (there are a few of them that stay in the boy’s car for most of the time), and the others are going to teach him covert car skills.  (Me and the other lads do not know what this means – it is all top secret.)

So it has been an exciting day here and at the boy’s house – what fun.  Sunshine and a new lad = a good Wednesday.

More soon,

Love Momu. x

P.S – We don’t know why Marty only has one arm in his dressing gown, or indeed why he is wearing a dressing gown.  I will try to find out more information when we meet him in a few weeks time.

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