Freddy the Hero


Hello there Momu fans!

We have been busy visiting the other lads at the boy’s house for the last few days which has been ever so nice.  It is a little bit crowded with everyone together, but it was very nice to see everyone again.

We got back to the girl’s house the other day, and had settled down for some mooching lad business, when a massive drone wasp came in through the window and buzzed at us.  The girl was useless as usual, so it was down to Freddy to save the day.  He managed to stare the drone down and make it retreat back out of the window so we were safe.  He said it was all in a day’s work for a rescue type of lad, and snuggled down in the bed again.

We thought that the excitement was all over for the day, and turned on the snooker on the television so we could snooze to it, only to find that the drone had decided to try his luck again and was back buzzing around.

Freddy says that to save people twice in one day is pushing it ever so slightly, but he was good and got rid of the drone again for us.  He must have pulled a serious, frightening face at it because it didn’t come back after that.

Three cheers for Freddy!



More soon,

Love Momu. x

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