Flynte’s Story with the Micro Lads


Hello there Momu Readers!

Flynte wanted to pop by and tell you about something that happened the other day.


Hi everyone, Flynte here.  I usually go to the shop with the girl everyday, and as you may know some of the more recent lad additions – the Micro Lads – always come along too.  Usually they are very good, but recently they have been getting very mischievous.  They can be seen looking around the gallery, hiding from humans and the rest of the lads, and generally being a little bit cheeky.

Most days the girl takes a photo of who has come with her to the shop to send to the boy so he can join in on some of the fun, usually all the lads are very good and pose nicely for the photo.  The other day, the micro lads thought they would have a joke and all jump on me just as the photo was being taken.

Flynte being attacked by the micro lads

I was not overly happy.  The girl told the boy and the other lads this, and they sent me a photo of them with lots of blankets and hankies for me to look at to cheer me up a bit.

Here is the photo they sent;

Blankets and Hankies

Here is me looking at the photo in the shop;

Flynte looking at his photo

It did cheer me up a bit.  Pesky micro lads, they do get up to a lot of stuff now.  Perhaps Momu can write about their adventures soon.

That’s it from me anyway – hope you are all well, and managing to escape being jumped on by micro lads.

There you go then readers – Flynte’s little adventure which happened a lot by accident.  Those micro lads can be very naughty!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


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