How the lads make room


Hello Momu Fans!

We thought we would show you how much room lads can make in a bed when they put their fuzzy minds to it.  The humans always think that they are going to have much more room than they do, but the lads are clever and always get as much room, if not more, than they need for mooching purposes.

Here is the boy’s bed a little while ago – see how much room the lads have managed to make for themselves!  Clever lads!

Room in the bed

Tee hee!

More soon,

Love Momu. x




Hello Momu Readers!

How are you?  We are all fine here – getting ready for more drone watching and mooching over the summer.

Toby says that all the watching and mooching has tired him out completely;

Toby is tired

He is ready for a snooze he says.  I say that he really snoozes quite a lot anyway, and shouldn’t really be this tired – but it is tiring looking after humans all the time.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


New Lad Alert!!!


Hello Momu Fans,

I thought I would pop by and tell you some ever such exciting news – a new lad has arrived!

He came home with the girl the other day, and he is settling in nicely.

Boris and the lads

Here he is with some of the elder lads – he might go and sit with them a lot as he is quite a big lad really.

We had a little bit of a discussion about what his name might be (he wasn’t sure because he had been roaming for a while before the girl rescued him, and he says that he had completely forgotten his original name if he even had one).

The boy thought his name should be Rosco and the girl thought Boris.

There was only one way to decide it – flip a coin! Head for Boris, tails for Rosco.


Here is Derek and Cory Feltdog looking to see which way it landed.  HEADS!

So here is Boris;


Isn’t he smart?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Wildflower update


Hello Momu readers!

I thought I would give you a little update on the wildflower races that the humans have been having.

Here are some pictures of the flowers so far – who do you think is winning?


Girl’s flowers on 2nd June

3rd June Brett Wildflowers

Boy’s flowers on 3rd June


Girl’s flowers on 11th June

Ned in the wildflowers 7th June

Boy’s flowers on 7th June (spot Ned!)

Emma Wildflowers 29 june

Girl’s actual flowers 29th June!!

Ned and the Wildflowers 22nd June

Boy’s flowers 22nd June.

We think that the girl won the race – what do you think?

More soon,

Love Momu. x




Hello there Momu Fans!

Phew-y it has been hot lately!  Lads like to be warm and cosy as you know – it is very good for mooching purposes – but we have been ever so hot lately. (Being completely made of fur does not help matters much.)

I don’t think that the heat has agreed with Pippo much – he seems to have developed some wild fur;

Pippo Bed Head

It kind of suits him, but he says he is looking forward to it calming down ever so slightly so he can feel more normal again.

We do like the sunshine though, it is nice to be able to sit outside like Freddy and Monkey did last year – it is one of their favourite things to do.


Yippee for the summer!

More soon,

Love Momu. x