Hello Momu Readers!

I hope you are all having a fun time even though the business of the summer holidays seems to be over – don’t worry too much though, us lads think that September can be a good time too.

We thought we would share something with you that has been quite surprising lately.  First we need to tell you something about the boy that will make this easier to understand.

The boy doesn’t really read much as a general rule – the girl does a lot, too much sometimes actually – so for the lads to get this photo from him and the other lads was a bit of a shock if we are honest.

Book Choice from Brett 28 July

Here is LA, Derek and Henry Leonard Porpington showing us the book that the boy chose to read a couple of weeks ago!  The lads were quite excited because it mentioned cats in the title, and the lads and me think that books about animals or lads are the best.

It turned out not to have cats in it at all – the lads are fuming and thinking about going to Trading Standards to try and get the boy’s money back – there has clearly been a mistake of some kind.

The next book sounds much more promising – The Martian.  It is winning so far because it actually seems to have Mars in it.

Do you like to read?  We like to listen to stories too.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


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