Toby is Tired

Momu Small

Hello again Momu Readers!

As you know, a big part of a lad’s life is to make sure that the Humans are OK – I really don’t know what they would do without us sometimes.  Sometimes this involves waiting up for the humans after they have been at work to make sure that they are all right and don’t need anything – we have to do this before we can mooch and snooze – which as you know is what the lads like to do best.

Anyway, it was Toby’s turn to wait up for the boy the other week after he had been working at a wedding, and it was very late by the time the boy came home again.

Toby said it was a bit of a struggle keeping awake all that time, and he requested some extra sleep and mooch time the next day.  We thought that was only fair.

Toby is Tired

Here he is – completely snoozing!

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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