Hello Momu Readers!

How are you doing?  We are all doing very well, but it is cold a lot of the time now because it is winter.  Bbbrrrrrr!  We like to be warm, so this means that most of our time is spent burrowing under the duvet!  Yippee!!

Another new lad (well he is kind of a lad, but slightly less cuddly) joined the boy’s crew the other day.  He has been lurking in the boy’s attic for a while, but decided to come down to say hello.


Daffy!  Jacques and Maurice came to pose with him – hasn’t Maurice got a good pose going on in this photo?!

The lads are ever so pleased to have a new lad to chat to – especially coming so soon after the two elder lads arrived.  Exciting times!

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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