COS at work


Hello Momu Fans!

As well as having me, Flynte and the Micro Lads in the shop every day they are open, the humans also feel like they need more lad help so that they can get the most sales in a day.

So we set up COS for them (COS stands for Council of Sales) and the lads who are working there for the day will try and get a lot of sales for the humans.

It seems to work, sometimes if the girl has a quiet-ish morning she will ask the boy to check that COS is awake.  Sometimes they have accidentally gone for a snooze, so the boy wakes them up and then the humans tend to get some more sales.  It is very scary how much power a lad can have really.


Here are COS on a typical working day.  You might think that they are not doing anything, but actually they are almost nearly magic.

More soon,

Love Momu x

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