Hello Momu Readers!

How have you been lately?

We have been hiding from the snowy weather – it is very pretty to look at from a cosy spot inside (under a duvet for example) but we don’t like the idea of being out in it.  The girl had to go out in it for various reasons, and managed to take a pretty picture of the beach huts in the show.

Snow days

We have also been waiting for the humans to get back to normal, there has been the snow obviously but also a wedding in the family.  We didn’t go to the wedding – there are far too many of us for that to happen, but we heard all about it afterwards.  The boy is now editing all of the pictures they took on the day to show them to the girl’s sister soon.

We are hoping that things get back to normal soon – there hasn’t been nearly enough mooching and snoozing going on for our liking.  We will get this sorted as soon as possible, promise!

More soon,

Love Momu. x

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