Panda Undercover


Hello Momu Readers!

Do you remember me telling you that the lads on a lad mission in the attic were rescued bu the humans from pesky mice?  Well one member of that team was Panda.


An old lad of the boy’s (the boy is very old even in human years, so Panda is very old indeed).  Anyway, Panda obviously got a taste for adventuring while he was on the attic mission, and decided to go on a fun mission to the landing to see if the other humans the boy lives with would spot him.

He was safe and sound there or a day or two without being seen, and then he was suddenly back with the other lads again.  Panda says he does not remember making that return journey himself, which leads us to believe that one of the other humans moved him but didn’t say anything to us or the boy.

Other humans are weird.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Lad News


Hello Momu Fans!

It’s been a little bit quiet here lately – the humans have been catching up a bit from a really busy February half term they had in the gallery (yippee!).

So it has been a snoozy and moochy kind of time for lads too.  Which is brilliant because snoozing and mooching are some of our favourite things to do.

We did rescue some lads from the boy’s attic (they had been up there on a top secret lad mission for a long time) because mice had moved in and fancied munching on a few lads which was a huge disaster.  Luckily all lads are now fine (three needed small operations to get back to full lad fitness) and are happily mooching alongside all the other lads again.






The humans have said that there really isn’t any more room for more lads now.  We’re ok with that for now.  We’ll work on the humans later in order to make them see that there always spaces available for more lads.

More soon,

Love Momu x