Construction Work


Hello Momu Fans!

We sent one of the bookmark lads (Bertie) home with the boy last time he left in the hope that they might be able to read a book on cycling together.  So far it seems as though this is not likely to happen because a box got opened with a remote control car in it ready to be built, and we think they all got a bit distracted.




We are not sure if any reading (apart from the instruction booklet) will get done this time around – perhaps Bertie won’t mind too much… Tee hee.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Flynte’s Story with the Micro Lads


Hello there Momu Readers!

Flynte wanted to pop by and tell you about something that happened the other day.


Hi everyone, Flynte here.  I usually go to the shop with the girl everyday, and as you may know some of the more recent lad additions – the Micro Lads – always come along too.  Usually they are very good, but recently they have been getting very mischievous.  They can be seen looking around the gallery, hiding from humans and the rest of the lads, and generally being a little bit cheeky.

Most days the girl takes a photo of who has come with her to the shop to send to the boy so he can join in on some of the fun, usually all the lads are very good and pose nicely for the photo.  The other day, the micro lads thought they would have a joke and all jump on me just as the photo was being taken.

Flynte being attacked by the micro lads

I was not overly happy.  The girl told the boy and the other lads this, and they sent me a photo of them with lots of blankets and hankies for me to look at to cheer me up a bit.

Here is the photo they sent;

Blankets and Hankies

Here is me looking at the photo in the shop;

Flynte looking at his photo

It did cheer me up a bit.  Pesky micro lads, they do get up to a lot of stuff now.  Perhaps Momu can write about their adventures soon.

That’s it from me anyway – hope you are all well, and managing to escape being jumped on by micro lads.

There you go then readers – Flynte’s little adventure which happened a lot by accident.  Those micro lads can be very naughty!

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Froome and the Beard Balm


Hello Momu Readers!

Froome has been being cheeky lately.  The boy has decided that it would be a good idea to get some gunky stuff for his beard. (I am not sure what he is going to do with it, we will need to see what he has in mind before we pass judgement.  I am sure it will be nice,  Things the boy does usually are.)

Anyway Froome got hold of it and thought it would be a good idea for him to have some to try and tame his one whisker.

Froome and the Beard Wax

Luckily we got to him before his little paws managed to get the lid off.  We had to explain that horrid gunky things like beard balm are best left to the humans.  We don’t want to ruin our lovely fur do we?

Froome was a little bit disappointed, but he did see sense in the end.  If you happen to see him, perhaps you could mention how distinguished his whisker makes him?  This might make him a little bit happier about things.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Flynte is having a lot of fun

Momu Small

Hello everyone!

Do you remember that I told you about a tiny elephant who came to stay with us not so long ago?  Well it turns out that he is quite mischievous and is active a lot of the time doing this and that and generally having fun.

As we are at the girl’s mum’s house, there is a lot more for his to explore than he has been used to lately.  His favourite thing to do is pretend that he is going on an adventure in a Camper Van.  Silly old Flynte!  It does look like fun though – I think some of the bigger lads are a bit miffed that they can’t try it out too.



Doesn’t it look like fun?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Sunshine and Monsters



Hello everyone!

I hope you have had some sunshine where you are lately – Freddy was ever so excited because he managed to sit in a very small bit of sun in the girl’s room last night – this is unheard of, we thought the sun would never visit us here.  I will try and get a picture of him if the sun comes out again in the next few days.  He is all happy and smiley now.

Stuart helped to save the boy from what they thought was an unfriendly monster the other day;


He looks scary, but apparently he was quite nice when Stuart went up to him, so he is just mooching on the ceiling and not causing any problems after all.  Stuart did say that he will be keeping an eye on him and if he starts to get very big or mean then he will help to pop him outside instead.

I hope you have been having some adventures of your own.  Adventures are the best (even if they do sometimes involve monsters).

More soon,

Love Momu x


Drone Attacks!


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all OK – we are mooching today (any excuse to do this is good in my view) because it is raining a lot outside.  It is safest to be in bed and not do much when it is like that outside.  We recommend that you do the same really.

While you are safe in bed, you can read about the lads’ latest adventures.  How good is that?

Comfy?  Here we go – this is a story of derring-do and the lads are very proud of it.

The lads who live with the girl seem to have a little bit of an easier time when it comes to matters of defence.   We are not usually called on to do an awful lot (we like it for the most part, but sometimes we feel a little bit funny that the other lads are busier) and we can do what we like when we like.  This is obviously mooching.  A lot.

The lads at the boy’s house on the other hand are often called on to protect the boy and the other lads – you have heard about the Boar Defence League.  They also protect against enemy Drone attacks, and one happened the other night which was quite major.

The boy was just minding his own business reading and mooching around when two huge drones can and dive bombed the lads on the bed!  Luckily Bluey had some back up in the form of more fast attack lads at the time other wise he would have been in some trouble.  The Corporal (I’ll introduce you to him later on properly, he says he is too busy protecting the nation at the moment to do an interview) was on hand to help, and the managed to jump on the Drones and detain them.

In the tradition of old hunting stories, here are a couple of pictures of the victors and their catches;

Bluey and a Drone

Bluey and the Drone

The Corporal and a Drone

The Corporal and the Drone

We are all ever so proud and pleased that the lads managed this victory – long live the lads and their protective abilities (the boy was very pleased they were there to help him – the girl would have been even more pleased, she is a wimp when it comes to drones and the like).

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Freddy the Hero


Hello there Momu fans!

We have been busy visiting the other lads at the boy’s house for the last few days which has been ever so nice.  It is a little bit crowded with everyone together, but it was very nice to see everyone again.

We got back to the girl’s house the other day, and had settled down for some mooching lad business, when a massive drone wasp came in through the window and buzzed at us.  The girl was useless as usual, so it was down to Freddy to save the day.  He managed to stare the drone down and make it retreat back out of the window so we were safe.  He said it was all in a day’s work for a rescue type of lad, and snuggled down in the bed again.

We thought that the excitement was all over for the day, and turned on the snooker on the television so we could snooze to it, only to find that the drone had decided to try his luck again and was back buzzing around.

Freddy says that to save people twice in one day is pushing it ever so slightly, but he was good and got rid of the drone again for us.  He must have pulled a serious, frightening face at it because it didn’t come back after that.

Three cheers for Freddy!



More soon,

Love Momu. x