The Further Adventures of G and Merry


Hello Momu Readers!

Here are some more escapades from G and Merry.


Mooching with the TV Trio and Philip (the honorary member of the TV Trio)


Mischievous lads.


Ratty accidentally got in a mug – he needed the boy’s help to get out again.  He won’t do it again.


The lads found a sweet.


The other lads found lots.



These are for you.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


The Adventures of G and Merry


Hello Momu Fans!

G and Merry have gone on a bit of a trip to the boy’s house – they have been sending photographs home to the girl’s house so that we can see what they have been up to.


Waiting for the TV to turn on.


Making mischief with the other lads.


Engrossed in a film.


Cheeky snooze.




Exploring near the chilli forest.


Guess what?!


Mooching around with PG Tips Monkey and Is.

More adventuring soon,

Love Momu x


Lads go on a small adventure


Hello Momu Fans!

I just wanted to tell you about a little adventure that some of the lads went on the other day with the boy.  He was off helping to take photographs at a wedding and he asked if any of the lads wanted to come.  He said it wouldn’t be overly interesting because he would be pretty busy all day, but some of the lads thought they would go anyway to see what it was all about.

Lads on a wedding adventure Henry Leonard Porpington has his rucksack on - hilly

Four of the lads went (can you remember their names?) and they did say that it wasn’t the most exciting day they have ever had – but they did like mooching in the grass when they were let out for a little while.  The rest of the time they spent in the car snoozing, so it was pretty much the same as a normal day for them really, but with different things to look at outside.

Have you been on any adventures recently?

More soon,

Love Momu. x

PS – the lads are Maurice, Hugo, Derek and Henry Leonard Porpington who is showing you that he has brought a rucksack with him for exploring purposes.


Operation Hairy Gibbon


Hello Momu readers!

I have got a very special thing to tell you about today – Operation Hairy Gibbon.  This is a secret mission that the lads at the boy’s house went on the other week to see what they could do about drone attacks and also about boar attacks.  If you remember the lads set up the Boar Defence League a while ago to investigate strange snorting noises that appeared in the night (they can only really be coming from a boar – it is the only explanation) and this latest mission is to go along with that.

The lads also have a problem with drones attacking them at night time if the windows are left open – they think that these drones are being sent by the boar to spy on them, so they need investigating too.

So the lads set up a mission to practice what they would do when they next come under attack by the boar and his drones.  They sent some pictures for you to have a look at – don’t pass them on, they are top top top secret!


Fuzz on the lookout (he looks fierce here doesn’t he?)


Conran, Robert and KC discussing the next move


The other lads have a feeling the three of them might just be having a general chat here…


Klaus getting ready for what he has to do next – a woolly hat is always useful.

Advance attack

Advance Attack with Simon Si, Klaus and Henry Leonard Porpington

Arial drone simulation (1)

Arial drone simulation with Henry Leonard Porpington

Daytime watch

Daytime watch with most of the lads, but mainly Froome, Stuart, Travis and Toby (Froome looks like he might be having a snooze, very suspicious)

Nighttime watch

Nightime watch with Toby and Higs

Fast drone simulation attack

Fast drone simulation attacks with Henry Leonard Porpington

It has all been very busy as you can see.  We have not heard anything about the results of the missions, but when we get the files we will fill you in.  As long as you promise not to pass on any sensitive information to the boar and his drones.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


We went on an adventure!

Yippee!  It is wintery and frosty outside which means that it is nearly Christmas – us lads love love love Christmas!  After all one of us is in fact a Christmas Reindeer, which is the best kind of lad to be at Christmas.


(That’s me by the way.)

Some of us managed to hitch a ride on a train to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair down in London the other week.  Lads like trains, and they like Christmas, so this was a good day to have for some of the tiny lads among us.

the journey

This is Wol and Flynte getting a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  (Flynte did compose himself and spent the rest of the day in a more acceptable manner.)


This is Tiny Tim watching the world go by on the train down to London – he was excited to see that the ‘Lympic Park was still there safe and sound.




This is the Fair.  It was massive and busy.  We were glad that we were little enough to be hidden in a bag.  We had a little snooze when things got a little bit too much – shhhh!

momu and rudolf

momu and santa

I even met another reindeer (he did not have a Christmas jumper on unfortunately) and even saw Santa!  Yippee!

free drinks

On the way home the humans managed to get first class seats – this meant that the boy and the girl got a free drink – yummy!

train home

This is all of us next to the sign that told the humans that they could have even more free stuff – quite nice to be posh sometimes!

We love trains and Christmas and adventures, and this was a lovely day.  We are looking forward to some more adventures soon and also of course Christmas itself.  Not long to go now everyone!


More soon,

Love Momu. x



Meet Clifford


Hello again Momu Fans!

We have a new lad – this is always a very exciting time for us.  There are things to learn about the new lad and things to teach them about being part of the Motley Crew (it’s very easy – mooching mainly).

This is Clifford;


Doesn’t he look friendly? (He is.)  The girl spotted him the other day in something called a garage sale (we don’t really understand why a lad was being sold in a sale of garages, but never mind) and had to bring him home with her.  We are glad that she did, because apart from being a friendly lad and someone who we like to mooch with, Clifford is also very good at carrying things.  And things can also mean small lads;

Clifford Carrying Momu


This means that when the girl goes out with only a little bit of her own stuff, Clifford says the other space he has can be used for the little-y lads.  This is very exciting stuff, and it is very fun too and Clifford likes to get taken out for walks sometimes with the girl, so everyone’s a winner – yay!

Clifford and Momu

Have you made any new friends recently?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Adventures at the Beach

Hello Momu Fans!

How has everyone been? We have been enjoying some sunshine and warm days here at the girl’s house.

Me and Bluey went for a stroll (well we were carried – we only have little legs) down to the beach because the humans wanted to see some Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moths. They were huge – nearly as big as me – but they looked very fluffy and soft.

We preferred to mooch among the Vipers Bugloss

Much more fun than all that walking…

I hope you have been enjoying some sunshine.

More soon,

Love Momu. x