Momu goes literary


Hello Momu Fans!

Just a quick note from me today to let you know that the lads and me have a new blog all about the books we read with the girl.

The lads have read one book with her so far, but are busy reading a lot more at the moment so they can write about things for you, and then you might like to read them too.

You can find Momu and His Literary Crew here – we hope that you enjoy it.

More soon,

Love Momu x


The Further Adventures of G and Merry


Hello Momu Readers!

Here are some more escapades from G and Merry.


Mooching with the TV Trio and Philip (the honorary member of the TV Trio)


Mischievous lads.


Ratty accidentally got in a mug – he needed the boy’s help to get out again.  He won’t do it again.


The lads found a sweet.


The other lads found lots.



These are for you.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Has the sun decided to come back properly???


Hello Momu Fans!

Now, as you know we lads love the sunshine and feeling all warm and cosy.  Because of this, we don’t really like the winter time (unless it is snowy, which is always exciting isn’t it?  Especially if you don’t have to leave your moochy bed) because it is cold and mainly grey.  Which is boring.

So we always look forward to the sunshine coming back in the spring time – and we think it might be trying to come back again now.


Toby Snoots and Steve found a little patch of it to sit in the other day, so we are very much hoping that it comes back everyday soon.

Hope that you have some sunshine where you are too (unless you are a bit odd and like the cold and grey)!

More soon,

Love Momu. x




Hello Momu Fans,

Just a little message  from me and the Micro Lads today – we are ever so busy with autumnal snoozing and mooching at the moment.

We would just like to tell you that we have been enjoying some bubbles every now and then and wanted to show you a little picture of them.


There you go.  Aren’t bubbles fun?

More soon,

Love Momu. x