It is too hot!

Freddy 1

Hello, Freddy here.

As you know, I really really like the sun because it is toasty and it makes me go all cute and sparkly.  But it is too hot here at the moment – too much of a thing is not always good, and this time it is the sunshine.  We are not moving until it cools down a bit (a lot).

It doesn’t help that the humans are so bloomin hot themselves, tsk.

Freddy 2

More soon, when it is raining or something.

Love Freddy. x


New lad alert!

Hello Momu Fans,

We had a very exciting day the other day – a new lad arrived in the post of all things!

The boy had sent him through to the girl and us lads as a treat for the humans being together for a whole 11 years. I know, that is a very long time isn’t it?

Here he is, Iorek Byrnison. He says Iorek or IB for short. Maybe Mr Byrnison on Sundays or if he’s feeling fancy.

Here he is with Freddy and Bear, snuggling up to watch Strictly at the weekend. Yippppeeeeeeee.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Freddy and the Sunshine Mystery


Hello Momu Readers,

Just a quick one today – we are investigating a mystery here.

Freddy says that the sun has been coming out every day for a long long time, and then for the last couple of days it seems to have gone missing.

Freddy is investigating this, from the comfort of the bed (obviously). He is hoping that the sun comes out of hiding again soon so he can sit in it. It is one of his favourite things to do.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Is summer finally arriving?

Hello Momu Fans!

We’re back again. It has been very cloudy and grey here for ages and ages, so we have been snuggling down in bed and not really doing much. It’s not good to still feel like this in June, it should have been sunny for ages by now.

Luckily there has been a bit of sun to enjoy for the last couple of days.

And, as you know, as soon as there is the hint of some sunshine Freddy and Bear get out in it.


Hopefully the weather will stay nice for a while, there are lots of baby birds in the garden that would enjoy the sun more than the cloudy weather.

Paws crossed,

More soon,

Love Momu x


New lads arrive!

Hello Momu Fans!

It’s been a little while since we wrote here, but we have had some exciting times because new lads have arrived again.


This is Captain Jack the Fox and Merlin the Badger. Barley was ever so excited to see them, because they arrived from the same place he did (Primrose Cottage Bears).

Aren’t they good? They are settling in well and have been learning all about being a lad – snoozing, mooching and burrowing when it’s chilly.

More soon,

Love Momu x