The Igzs have a new member


Hello Momu Readers!

How are you?  Do you have sunshine where you are at the moment?  We have had some, and it has been lovely and toasty warm.

The Igz lads have managed to recruit a new member – they already have Higz, Pigz, Twigz, Figz (and Merry as an honourary member) but they decided that they really needed another lad to help with the drone watch – drone watch gets very busy in the summer while it is warmer.

So they managed to recruit Bigz;


Here he is, looking all cute and soft.  He has been learning the ropes and also chatting and mooching with the other lads, as all lads should.  He says he has settled in very well thank you very much.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Star Wars


Hello Momu Fans,

Do you remember that a big lad called Boba Fett turned up earlier this year?

Well two other Star Wars lads came too – first little Stormtrooper

Then a big Sandtrooper.

Little Stormtrooper got in the big Sandtrooper’s special case before he did as a joke – we laughed and laughed when we saw the pictures.

Have you had any surprise guests lately?  We do like them, as long as they are lads and not humans mainly.

More soon,

Love Momu. x



Peter. The new lad. 

Hello Momu Fans!

We have a new lad in our midst!! Happy days!

We rescued him from a 1940s festival the humans went to the other week, and he was ever so excited when he came back home to see how many lads were there waiting to say hello.

Here he is with Pig Wiggins having a look at a new book the girl got the other day. 

Freddy and Toby think he might be a long lost cousin, as he looks a little bit like them. 

Peter has been coming into the shop with me, the micro lads and other lads too, he says he is enjoying himself a lot. 

Have you made any new friends lately?

More soon,

Love Momu. x