Oops – naughty us. We’ve been ever so busy lately.


Hello Momu Fans,

I am ever so sorry that I haven’t written for ages and ages – it is the humans fault, naturally.

They have been ever so busy moving their photography gallery in Wells which meant that they didn’t have so much time to help me write posts on here.

We have had a lovely sunny summer, and the sunshine is still around even now. We were expecting to have to be burrowing and mooching a lot more in blankets and duvets by now, but it is very warm still. Yippee for the sunshine. Here are the lads enjoying a mooch in the sunshine while the girl has a tiny rest and reads her book.

We will try and write a lot more now that the humans are settling into their new gallery – we are looking forward to some autumnal and wintery mooching times when the weather changes. There is Halloween coming up and then Christmas – we like these very much for mooching and relaxing times with our VIHs (Very Important Humans).

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Lad Blankets

Hello Momu Fans!

A big part of the defence work that the lads do is the lad blanket. Lad Blankets are things that the girl makes for us from wool. They are colourful and cosy and they mean that we are safe from certain things too.

Here are some pictures of the lads using the newest lad blanket which arrived yesterday.

Looks good right?

I think in some of these pictures the lads might be snoozing, but most of the time they’re doing important lad business.

More soon,

Love Momu x