Oops – we have been busy…


Hello Momu Readers, Peter here!

I am coming to you this morning to say sorry that we have been too busy to write much over the summer.  It has been so busy in the new shop that the humans have been pooped and running around like mad things.  This has meant that lad business on here has had to take a little bit of a back seat, we are sorry – it is the humans’ fault, not ours!

We will try and get back with some more adventures soon now that autumn is here (we like autumn and winter a lot because it means much more time for snoozing, mooching and general lad business – yay!)

More soon,

Love Peter x


Surprise Day Out!


Hello Momu Fans!

We had a very exciting day the other week with the humans, the boy had planned a surprise day out for the girl and some of us went with them.

The girl had no idea where they were going to – the boy told some of us, but we were ever so good and pretended not to know too and were surprised when we ended up at BANHAM ZOO! Yippeee!

There were lots of amazing animals to look at and learn about – and there was a lot of sunshine to enjoy too.

Here are some of the lads looking at a very cool and cheeky Marmot munching away on the grasses in his enclosure. We very much liked him.

And here is Peter trying to pretend to be a sloth. He is a little bit sloth like (all lads are – it is the best way to be really isn’t it? They sleep for about 15 to 20 hours a day if they live in a zoo, yippeeeee!) but he was a little bit too small for the head hole here!

It was a very very lovely day out, and we really enjoyed seeing all the animals. We would like to visit again very soon.

And a new lad came home with us – meet The Professor ( also known as The Prof, Hooty, Prof McHoot and Professor Hooty McHootHoot).

More soon,

Love Momu x


Lads go on a small adventure


Hello Momu Fans!

I just wanted to tell you about a little adventure that some of the lads went on the other day with the boy.  He was off helping to take photographs at a wedding and he asked if any of the lads wanted to come.  He said it wouldn’t be overly interesting because he would be pretty busy all day, but some of the lads thought they would go anyway to see what it was all about.

Lads on a wedding adventure Henry Leonard Porpington has his rucksack on - hilly

Four of the lads went (can you remember their names?) and they did say that it wasn’t the most exciting day they have ever had – but they did like mooching in the grass when they were let out for a little while.  The rest of the time they spent in the car snoozing, so it was pretty much the same as a normal day for them really, but with different things to look at outside.

Have you been on any adventures recently?

More soon,

Love Momu. x

PS – the lads are Maurice, Hugo, Derek and Henry Leonard Porpington who is showing you that he has brought a rucksack with him for exploring purposes.


Flynte is having a lot of fun

Momu Small

Hello everyone!

Do you remember that I told you about a tiny elephant who came to stay with us not so long ago?  Well it turns out that he is quite mischievous and is active a lot of the time doing this and that and generally having fun.

As we are at the girl’s mum’s house, there is a lot more for his to explore than he has been used to lately.  His favourite thing to do is pretend that he is going on an adventure in a Camper Van.  Silly old Flynte!  It does look like fun though – I think some of the bigger lads are a bit miffed that they can’t try it out too.



Doesn’t it look like fun?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


We went on an adventure!

Yippee!  It is wintery and frosty outside which means that it is nearly Christmas – us lads love love love Christmas!  After all one of us is in fact a Christmas Reindeer, which is the best kind of lad to be at Christmas.


(That’s me by the way.)

Some of us managed to hitch a ride on a train to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair down in London the other week.  Lads like trains, and they like Christmas, so this was a good day to have for some of the tiny lads among us.

the journey

This is Wol and Flynte getting a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.  (Flynte did compose himself and spent the rest of the day in a more acceptable manner.)


This is Tiny Tim watching the world go by on the train down to London – he was excited to see that the ‘Lympic Park was still there safe and sound.




This is the Fair.  It was massive and busy.  We were glad that we were little enough to be hidden in a bag.  We had a little snooze when things got a little bit too much – shhhh!

momu and rudolf

momu and santa

I even met another reindeer (he did not have a Christmas jumper on unfortunately) and even saw Santa!  Yippee!

free drinks

On the way home the humans managed to get first class seats – this meant that the boy and the girl got a free drink – yummy!

train home

This is all of us next to the sign that told the humans that they could have even more free stuff – quite nice to be posh sometimes!

We love trains and Christmas and adventures, and this was a lovely day.  We are looking forward to some more adventures soon and also of course Christmas itself.  Not long to go now everyone!


More soon,

Love Momu. x



Meet Clifford


Hello again Momu Fans!

We have a new lad – this is always a very exciting time for us.  There are things to learn about the new lad and things to teach them about being part of the Motley Crew (it’s very easy – mooching mainly).

This is Clifford;


Doesn’t he look friendly? (He is.)  The girl spotted him the other day in something called a garage sale (we don’t really understand why a lad was being sold in a sale of garages, but never mind) and had to bring him home with her.  We are glad that she did, because apart from being a friendly lad and someone who we like to mooch with, Clifford is also very good at carrying things.  And things can also mean small lads;

Clifford Carrying Momu


This means that when the girl goes out with only a little bit of her own stuff, Clifford says the other space he has can be used for the little-y lads.  This is very exciting stuff, and it is very fun too and Clifford likes to get taken out for walks sometimes with the girl, so everyone’s a winner – yay!

Clifford and Momu

Have you made any new friends recently?

More soon,

Love Momu. x