Hello Momu Readers!

We have had some new lads come to live with us recently – here they are;

Rowan and Snap Dragon

This is Rowan and Snap Dragon.

Peter and Firestorm

This is Peter welcoming Firestorm.

Temeraire and Sorrel

And here are Temeraire and Sorrel, busy keyring explorer lads.

It’s ever so exciting when new lads come!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


The Further Adventures of G and Merry


Hello Momu Readers!

Here are some more escapades from G and Merry.


Mooching with the TV Trio and Philip (the honorary member of the TV Trio)


Mischievous lads.


Ratty accidentally got in a mug – he needed the boy’s help to get out again.  He won’t do it again.


The lads found a sweet.


The other lads found lots.



These are for you.

More soon,

Love Momu. x


The Adventures of G and Merry


Hello Momu Fans!

G and Merry have gone on a bit of a trip to the boy’s house – they have been sending photographs home to the girl’s house so that we can see what they have been up to.


Waiting for the TV to turn on.


Making mischief with the other lads.


Engrossed in a film.


Cheeky snooze.




Exploring near the chilli forest.


Guess what?!


Mooching around with PG Tips Monkey and Is.

More adventuring soon,

Love Momu x


Adventures in London


Hello Momu readers!

How have you been lately?  We have all been OK (although Jumbah was a little bit lost without University Challenge to watch last night) and have been enjoying some sunshine – Freddy is very happy about this.

So to very exciting news of our adventures in London!  The girl took me and Whitey to London on Saturday – we went on a train and then met the girl’s sister and went on another train to go and see Miranda Hart be silly for a couple of hours at somewhere called the O2 arena.  It was huge!

The O2 is big

Those people down there look about as big as me and I am tiny – we were very high up!

Getting ready to be brave and pop out of the bag

We got to our seats and we had to be very brave before we peeped out of the girl’s bag – it was quite scary.

Look how high up we are

But then we managed to get out and see everything properly – it was such fun!

Yippee!We didn’t understand some of the things that Miranda was talking about, but everyone else seemed to laugh a lot, so we think it must have been alright.  We were just happy to have an adventure – and it is always nice to have an adventure with another lad (especially if it is his birthday treat and it in a very good chatty mood) so you can be happy together.

Here’s to some more adventures!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Tiny Tim


Hello Momu readers!

How are you all – we have missed writing things on this blog, but it has been a busy time for us.  The humans have had Christmas and New Year and it was all hectic.  Then it kept raining and raining, so the boy got very grumpy indeed because he couldn’t go out as much as he would have liked to.  We don’t really know what he was moaning about – bed is so nice at this time of the year anyway, he could have just stayed there for a bit instead of trying to get out in the cold and rain.

We were very excited about Christmas this year when we saw that a new lad had arrived – do you remember me telling you about Tiny Tim?

wpid-IMG_20131225_144908.jpgHe seems to be settling in very well, but he is very quiet.  I think that he might be taking everything in slowly – and there is a lot to take in when you are introduced to so many lads and humans at one time.  Tiny Tim says he is ever so excited to be a tiny lad, because that means that he will get to go on adventures much more easily that the bigger lads.  That means that there will be up to 5 lads going out this year on adventures – me (of course), Mike, Spike, Bluey and now Tiny Tim.  This is very good news.  It also means that there will be even more to talk about together when we are in the girl’s bag travelling to and from the adventures (this part of the day can seem quite long sometimes, so it will be nice to have an extra lad to talk to).

Keep your finger or paws crossed that the weather will cheer up soon for the adventuring to start properly again.

More soon,

Love Momu. x





Well hello again Momu fans!

We have had such a busy time lately and we are ever so excited to tell you all about it and show you our pictures from London.


We started off at the Natural History Museum, where we saw lots of cool animals – shame they weren’t real really.


Here is Bluey in front of a huge Blue Whale – we were sort of glad this one wasn’t alive…


Mike found a friend!


I got a picture with this otter – he looked a bit mean.

Then we went to the V & A – the boy wasn’t too impressed with this one (too artsy farsty…)


Here is Spike with someone or other…


Bluey with someone’s head…


And me on an art installation outside in the courtyard.

We also saw some of the Science Museum which had lots of cool things in it.


Here is Mike next to a diorama – it had a rocket in it.

9Spike liked it here too.

Then we got to see the Christmassy lights and things in Trafalgar Square


Mike was very excited to be here.

We had to spend all of yesterday and most of today recovering from all the adventuring we had been doing on our travels, but we are rested up now so it is all back to normal – just Christmas to look forward to soon – YIPPEE!!!

More soon,

Love Momu. x