Alan and Melson and the RC stuff


Hello Momu Readers!

Hope that you are having a fun start to the new year.

The boy is – he has got lots of things to do with cars out at the moment – racing things.

Alan and Melson (who decided to stay after Christmas time at the boy’s house) have decided to help.

They also say that when it is all done it is ever such fun!

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Jumbah is excited

Momu 1

Hello everyone!  We are still hiding a little bit from the weather outside which is still a bit grey and rainy.  It is getting windy soon, we might ask the girl to shut the window in case Eric and Bruce get wet on the windowsill again.

Jumbah is getting quite excited again because it is Monday and that means he can watch University Challenge later on in the evening.


He reckons with his (obvious) win last week he will make his total of wins up to 12 tonight.  Especially as Alan says he will join in too – it will give Jumbah some moral support.  Jumbah does not think that Alan will win as he still doesn’t seem to know much English.  He is very enthusiastic though, which is something.

Alan and Jumbah

Fingers crossed for them both.  They are already waiting patiently – I did tell them they have quite a wait, but they won’t listen…

More soon,

Love Momu. x




Hello everyone!

We had a bit of a surprise over the weekend when someone new arrived ever so suddenly at the girl’s house.  We have managed to find out his name is Alan, but other than that we are a little bit stumped as he doesn’t seem to speak much English.


We have figured out that when he says “blurble” it means “night” and when he says “blooble” it means “morning”.

By happy accident, we think that when he says “yippee” it means the same thing as when we say it.  This is good – plus it is a very fun word to say anyway.



More soon,

Love Momu. x