Hello from Jumbah


Hello Earth People, Jumbah here.

Momu asked me to pop over and tell you my University Challenge result from last night myself – he says he is tired of doing all the reporting himself (rude thing).

I won as usual, the girl came second – clever thing – but I suspect it was because her dad wasn’t watching with us.  Actually thinking about it, she came last didn’t she?  I won’t go on about it much because she is actually very nice about it and looks after me well.  I’m rather fond of her (well as fond of her as I can be being an alien with a different set of non human emotions).

That’s all for now – speak to you soon.

Love Jumbah. x


Bravery or Otherwise…


Afternoon Momu chums!

Ratty and Stuart (AKA The Rodents) asked me to write a tiny post about their supposed bravery the other night while they were watching Aliens.  (Apparently there can be massive arguments among Humans as to whether Alien or Aliens is best, but us lads tend to stay out of it – it all seems a little bit silly.  There is no such question surrounding Aliens 3 and 4 – apparently they are just rubbish.)

Lads watching Aliens

You will see that Ratty and Stuart are really close to the edge of the bed.  They think this shows bravery, I think it is silly – you can never be too careful if there is the threat of a boar attack, even with a hanky for protection.

Silly Rodents!  Luckily everything was ok and they just enjoyed the film like they were hoping too.  Let’s hope they don’t get too cocky.

More soon,

Love Momu. x




Hello everyone!

We had a bit of a surprise over the weekend when someone new arrived ever so suddenly at the girl’s house.  We have managed to find out his name is Alan, but other than that we are a little bit stumped as he doesn’t seem to speak much English.


We have figured out that when he says “blurble” it means “night” and when he says “blooble” it means “morning”.

By happy accident, we think that when he says “yippee” it means the same thing as when we say it.  This is good – plus it is a very fun word to say anyway.



More soon,

Love Momu. x