Hello Momu Fans!

We hope you are all well today – we are, just mooching and snoozing for the most part.

Jumbah thought you should know that the girl won at University Challenge last night………

Only joking – April Fool’s! ¬†Jumbah said it is getting ever so tricky to even understand the questions let alone answer them (it was the last semi final this week and the final is next week) so the girl really doesn’t get many right at all now. ¬†He doesn’t either, but still more than the girl. Phew!

Jumbah says he doesn’t really know what he will do with himself once University Challenge stops after next week – he is hoping something good might come on in its place, but he isn’t sure yet.

Enjoy your April Fool’s day – don’t be too mean with your tricks!

More soon,

Love Momu. x