The Micro Lads Explore


Hello Momu Fans,

The Micro Lads have been in an exploring kind of mood in the shop recently.  They do like to mooch and mainly they are good, and sometimes they are a little bit pesky.

Here they are having a good old mooch around the shop, the girl was trying to catch them for ages, but they are very quick animals.


Purple Ted is being a tiny bit pesky in this picture, but not much.


Tee hee – Purple Ted is very nearly too small for this box, he says this is odd as he is quite a big bear really.


Perfect sized houses for the micro lads – shame there are no working doors here…

Do you like to explore?

More soon,

Love Momu. x


Momu and the Micro Lads


Hello Momu Fans!

It is all go here with new lads!  This is one of the best kind of times if you are a lad because it means that there are new friends to get to know.  We can also teach them all they need to know about being a lad. Most of this comes very naturally to lads – mooching is the best thing a lad can do and we all seem to be extremely good at it.

The other day three new lads came to the house.

We were ever so excited – and even more excited when we saw who they were.

Look how tiny they are!  We have had to make up a whole new class of lad to fit them into.  These three are now known as the Micro Lads.


Here is Purple Ted

Here is Chequered Ted

And here is Big Head Ted (this is not meant to be rude, just a fact really)

The humans thought they would be quite good as lads to help in their shop because they are so tiny.  They are going to help me on something called Twitter (this has nothing to do with birds as I found out) and try to get people to come and look at the lovely things the humans have for sale.


More soon,

Love Momu. x