Autumn Sunshine


Hello Momu Readers!

We are back again – we are doing ever so well to write two weeks in a row aren’t we?

It has been ever so rainy and windy here for the last few days – Peter has put his jumper back on again.


He says he waited very patiently until October arrived before he put it on because it felt a little bit silly to be so wrapped up in September.  He is nice and toasty now though.

We have got a sunny day here today – it is very very chilly though.  It is a proper autumn day which we are ever so pleased about really.  Autumn means more mooching time and getting under lad blankets and human duvets – yippee!

Are you starting autumn where you live – or do you live on the other side of the world which means you are starting spring?  We think that is ever so interesting when things are the complete opposite!

More soon,

Love Momu x


Lad Blankets

Hello Momu Fans!

A big part of the defence work that the lads do is the lad blanket. Lad Blankets are things that the girl makes for us from wool. They are colourful and cosy and they mean that we are safe from certain things too.

Here are some pictures of the lads using the newest lad blanket which arrived yesterday.

Looks good right?

I think in some of these pictures the lads might be snoozing, but most of the time they’re doing important lad business.

More soon,

Love Momu x


Exciting snuggly times 

Hello Momu Readers,

It has been a little bit busy here with getting ready for Autumn. Basically thus means that the nights are a bit longer and the weather is a bit colder so we need more blankets and snuggly things to feel cosy.

The boy has already put his big cold weather duvet on the bed, and some of the lads were straight under to work on boar defense stuff (they may also have had a quick snooze to make sure it was all ok).

How do you make the colder bits 9f the year more snuggly?

More soon,

Love Momu. x